Welcome to simon-610_26234763614_oThe Simon Boyar School of Drums and Percussion Blog! Last week I was extremely excited to announce my new school to the world. In a similar fashion, I am now announcing it’s counterpart blog. While there are indeed many fantastic resources on the web for drum and percussion education, I hope through this blog to create stellar content for everyone to enjoy.

I also hope to update and revisit some of my past work. So much of the online content I created over the past 2 years through Boyar Music Studios laid a strong foundation for me to launch this new venture. However, I always felt like some of the educational material I released through Boyar Music Studios was never fully absorbed by the community. With this new blog I can further develop my signature work and bring it to a much larger audience.

Additionally, I plan to document my journey bringing world class drum and percussion education to Westchester, NY. Growing a local business into an elite brand is a challenge but, I believe that I have something unique to contribute to the community. This blog is yet another forum to make my case and connect.

I’m extremely excited to move forward!







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